Wildlife sculpture Wildlife sculpture
Most of these images are high relief sculpture made out of cold cast bronze or ceramic clay. The only exception is the Raven which was piece commissioned by the DOC Utah film festival. The Owl pictured below was actually designed to mount in a corner, so it too is high relief piece. 

Religous and funerary art Religous and funerary art
These images are a part of my current project. Many of these images are Christ themed and deal with the afterlife from a Christian perspective. This first series is based on three events that are important to all Christians- The resurrection of Christ- The second Coming of Christ- and The final reward. As this project progresses you will find images of funerary memorials, headstones, and cremation urns on this page.

Figurative Figurative
Understanding Anatomy is just as important to the sculptor as it is for a doctor. While my understanding of anatomy does not save lives it does breathe life into my work. Many of the images in this gallery are nude figure studies.

Ceramic ware Ceramic ware
I usually add a sculptural element to all of my ceramic ware. Most of my pieces are functional even though they have the sculptural element attached to them. I like adding lizards and frogs to my dishes. They are two of the small animals that I see frequently on my trips to Zion's National part. I also like adding horses as a sculptural element.

Political  and Conceptual art Political and Conceptual art
This gallery is dedicated to artwork that adds to the conversation. Sometimes my work comments on current affairs, especially when I think the current conversation is missing the point. I like to make art that is approachable and that inspires a smile or laugh even though the topic may be serious.

Art in Public places Art in Public places
This artwork has been permanently installed in public spaces and if often outside. I like doing this kind of work because so many people get to see and enjoy my work.

Paintings Paintings
My mother and both of my grandmothers were painters, so I got a lot of encouragement when I was younger and showed an interest in drawing and painting. While I spend most of my time sculpting I still get a lot of pleasure in going back to my roots, so to speak, and painting. 

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